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TFP "Equisoft" Support System


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The Equisoft Kit contains:

2 x Equisoft Hoof Pads
1 x Stryofoam Tape
1 x 100g White Impression Material
1 x 100g Pink Impression Material
1 x Instruction Guide

The Total Foot Protection Ltd ‘Equisoft Support System Kit’ was designed as an instant emergency first aid measure. It can used to stabilise Laminitis or basic protection for sore, bruised or damaged feet. It is ideally suited to smaller ponies and horses that are confined to box rest and have a maximum foot width of 12cm.

This product is used in conjunction with the TFP / EDSS Impression material which is supplied in the kit, to give the ultimate frog support as well sole comfort to aid in recovery. The pads are easily applied using the specially designed TFP Ltd Black Adhesive tape which comes with the kit to ensure a secure fit.

The Equisoft Support System is ideally suited to small ponies and horses that are confined to box rest and have a maximum foot width of 12cm.

TFP’s technical director David Nicholls has told us what he thinks about this product.

‘Equisoft Kits are perfectly designed for the emergency treatment of the sore feet in the equine patient.
The kit has been designed for application to feet with a maximum foot width of 12.5cm (51/2″)
Once applied to the non-painful areas in the rear of the foot, will maximise pain free support to the internal structures.
The fitted pads will cover and protect the more painful areas of the feet and add additional support and comfort to the whole foot.’

The pads can be used in combination with EDSS/TFP Sole support material and can be stacked onto the feet to add thickness and comfort.’