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The Total Foot Protection Ltd ’Styrofoam Support System’ was designed as a first aid treatment for the acute stages of laminitis. When applied, the Styrofoam will compress into the caudal portion of the foot which offers the horse comfort, support and protection through this critical stage.

The Styrofoam blocks have proven to be an important tool in early treatment of laminitis. Use of the Styrofoam will help to allow the horse to stabilise so that a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment approach can be established. This is a good starting point in the rehabilitation process as it is part of a complete hoof care kit that is easily applied with the specially designed TFP Ltd Black Adhesive tape, making it an ideal product for every day veterinary use.

The Extra Extra Large is 8″ Widest Point x 10″ Toe to Heel but can be cut to any size you need.

Please let us know if you need this service.

TFP’s technical director David Nicholls has told us what he thinks about this product.

‘Styrofoam application has saved the lives of many equine patients suffering the devastating disease Laminitis.

The Total Foot Protection Ltd. “Styrofoam Support System” is designed as a starting point in the treatment and rehabilitation of the laminitic foot. This Styrofoam support has been shown to be a complete hoof care kit that is fast and easy to tape onto feet that are often painful, that the patient has difficulty picking up.

Once taped onto the foot it is better to provide a small are of bedding for the patient to lie down on, that is away from the stable door. The floor close to the door where the patient will usually stand is better suited to rubber matting, so the Styrofoam system can crush down into the sole frog areas of the hoof, providing a uniform load platform. The best results have been seen where a small area of flat clear ground is provided for the patient, so they can walk around outside and be close to friends, whilst preventing access to grass.

Once the first Styrofoam block has crushed down, it should be removed carefully and kept safe.

The sole area should be hoof tested and all the painful areas should be marked.
Cut the original, now crushed block so that it fits into the non-painful areas in the rear of the foot and tape it into the hoof.

Take a new Styrofoam Support block and tape it over the part block that is taped into the hoof, so that both are now taped on top of each other. This action will now load the non-painful areas of the affected feet and put a compressible, protective layer over any painful parts of the sole.

The Styrofoam Support System has given outstanding and helpful results in the treatment of laminitis when combined with good veterinary care.’

Box contents,

4 x Stryo Blocks
1 x Stryo Tape