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Tylers "Go & Show" hoof shine (100ml)


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Tyler’s Hoof Products are a unique blend of natural antiseptic ingredients with over 15 years worth of development by Aron Tyler (DipWCF) tried and tested to help promote growth, hoof health, and elasticity as well as leaving a long lasting shine

Go & Show is the pocket sized must have grooms accessory. Complete with applicator sponge, it is ideal for ringside application!

Application: Shake well before use! Ensure hooves are free from dirt and excessive moisture prior to application. Turn the bottle upside down, pressing the sponge applicator firmly onto the hoof, applying generously to the hoof wall avoiding the conorary band (Squeeze the bottle whilst applying) Apply as required for a great show finish

For a long lasting shine, pair up with Tyler’s Hoof Oil which can be used for everyday home use