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Chris Powell "Vanvil" Anvil Stand for the Van


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One of two unique anvil stands that have been designed by Chris Powell Farrier and are now being made by Handmade Shoes UK

The anvil stays attached and just slides in and out of the vehicle making life a lot easier for all farriers as they don’t have to lift the anvil in and out of the van

The Vanvil & Truckvil take up a lot less room than a tripod stand

Much more stable especially for shoemaking and punching stud holes

Stays level even when the van is parked on uneven ground

Fits every van and almost every anvil

This is a must-buy for any farriers that want an easier life

It will transform their working life forever!

Will fit any Van with measurements from ground to van floor level of between 490mm & 570mm 

The standard model will fit any anvil with a max base length of 265mm and a max weight of 45kg. Anything above these specifications can be custom made, please contact us to discuss your requirements


Fitting Tutorial: