Vettec "Contoring Plastic" (3000x150mm)


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The Vettec Contouring Plastic Rolls are useful when applying hoof care treatment. They are made of a pink, translucent, lightweight plastic material that is used to push Vettec Sole-Guard into the voids after application of this product.

It serves to level and smooth the material. After application, smooth with plastic on top from your equine's toe to heel - smoothing and pushing it to fill the sole and frog evenly. A level surface is easy to achieve. After 30 seconds the foot can be dropped to smooth the surface.

The plastic is non-stick, it will not stick to the Vettec hoof care product. It may be discarded after use.

Sold in a single 6"x10ft. roll, good for multiple applications.

Available in Translucent Pink only