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VFT Supreme pads (flat)


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Viking Farrier Tools' revolutionary Supreme hoof pads provide:
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Shock absorption
  • Comfort
The frog support allows the pad to flex over the frog whilst offering support.

All pads have one way silicone application ports in the ground surface. Most common cartridge based silicones and liquid hoof padding materials (Vettec EquiPak, MV2 etc) can be applied once the pad is in place on the foot.

VFT Supreme pads have a concave sole to allow for some grip when the horse is working on soft surfaces.

Available in:
  • 30 shore (blue) is the softest pad in this range
  • 50 shore (green) is medium rated
  • 70 shore (orange) is the firmest of the types
Comes in two sizes:
  • Regular (135mm)
  • Large (165mm)
Sold in pairs