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Werkman Ortho-Kit "Frog Support Heart bar" Inserts


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Great for addition to your tool box they come in a range of shapes to enable you to adjust an everyday pair of shoes into a clinical solution.

These easy to fabricate inserts are available in three sizes small, medium and large and sold either as part of the full Ortho-kit 1.0/2.0 or separately as pairs

These amazing kits a mass a collection of at least 12 different types of therapeutic weld in inserts in three different sizes. The kit allows for timely professional and cost effective methods of dealing with customers problems without the need to schedule a re-visit

Heartbar insert

The full length Ortho-kit heart bar piece commonly used extensively in the treatment of a range of pathologies from laminitis to providing additional arch support for weak collapsed hoof capsules with under run heel or providing stabilisation of the hoof in the case of complete or complicated stress fractures of the hoof wall

Fitting heart bar shoes the frog piece fits with on the boundaries of the frog illustrated by the fact that you can see the lateral sulci and both of the plantar foraminae on the radiograph. The apex of the frog piece fits just palmar of the insertion of DDFT at the semi lunar line. The shoe is fitted symmetrically to the sagittal axis of the frog

Eggbar Insert

Great for additional support for weak heels and navicular syndrome horses. These easy to fabricate inserts are available in three sizes and sold either as part of the full Ortho-kit 1.0 or separately 

Medial/Lateral brach Insert

Easy to use weld in inserts ideal for fabricating asymmetrical branch shoes used in the treatment of collateral ligament injuries. These inserts have also proved extremely useful in reducing ground pressure and therefore compression in feet exhibiting mediolateral hoof distortion. These inserts are ideal for cases such as collateral ligament damage

Frog Support Insert

Similar to the heart bar insert in shape, the frog support insert is shorter at the tip but the palmar aspect is shaped to follow the outline of the heel bulbs. This insert is ideal for transferring or sharing load off the wall and onto the frog

Spider plate Inser

The spider plate insert is a really useful tool in your therapeutic Ortho-kit arsenal. Ideal for pathologies such as Navicular bursitis, osteophites flexor surface of Distal Sesamoid bone, bi lateral and collateral ligament demi tissue DIP JOINT. Shod with full roller motion bar shoe, spider plate to protect podotrochlear apparatus and transfer load to the peripheral border. Extra stability for the palmar aspect of the foot can be provided by adding pads and 30 shore glue u hoof packing

Centre Bar Insert

The Werkman Ortho-kit centre bar offers farriery based pain management opportunities / solutions in cases of navicular syndrome where necrotic lesions are evident on the flexor surface of the distal sesamoid or flexor tendon injuries of the medial or lateral DDFT lobes. Typically cases that respond to palpating with hoof testers across the navicular area respond best to this type of shoeing plan especially when used in conjunction with Glue-u impression compound

Wide toe Insert

The Ortho-kit toe insert designed to broaden the profile of the toe section of the shoe to reduce contact pressure at the ground surface enabling the toe to better float on a deformable surface. This type of shoeing has been advocated for the suspensory ligament dermatitis but has also been shown to be useful in those cases of reduced performance when working in deep deformable arena surfaces

Z bar Insert

The Ortho-kit "Z" bar is the ideal solution for heel bulb avulsions and post surgical debridement trauma in addition to being a useful aid in cases of sheared heels and complicated and or complete heel cracks

Lateral extension Insert

This extension from the Ortho-kit allows the fitting of a shoe for maximum support and displacement of the pressure dispersed onto the caudal quarter of the hoof. wether its an under-run heel or distorted capsule, this extension has it covered 

Straightbar Insert/Straightbar performance 

the ability to add structural integrity to the hoof with one insert, the performance has the half moon caudal edge to reduce shoe loss on performance horses