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The Foremans "Yeti" Hunter Block is fully case hardened to 65 rockwell – this is to hold a true section for the life of the block and stop distortion and shearing of the section over time. It will also prevent some top damage due to miss-striking. Be sure striking is flat and smooth. A flatter can always be used in the last stages of section sink or crisping the section. Use 3/4 round sections for this Yeti block.

Looking after and not denting the top lines is important to the top line section to run smooth. A lead base or leather base or “soft aluminum” base pad must be used with these blocks. Don’t use these blocks in the hardy hole without a base pad. 

The Foremans range of tools now share the quality, innovation and ease-of-use that permeates through the Jim Blurton range of farrier tools